Sha-Sha's Home Sweet Home Contest Giveaway

on Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome !! Welcome !!
Welcome to my very 1st Giveaway Contest :)

It's really easy to join.
All you have to do is BLOG about this contest.
Pls use only the title 'Sha-Sha's Home Sweet Home Contest Giveaway' (others will be disqualified).
In your blog, mention about this contest and link.
Oh and add our banner to your sidebar too ok? Thanks.

Here's the slightly tricky part....
I would like you to recommend me places for me to SHOP ONLINE for HOME STUFF.
That would mean anything about HOME.
Be it simple kitchen stuff, home decorations, curtains, bedsheets, food, and more.
Pls add the links in your blog entry ok?

You see, am moving home very very soon.
And being a SAHM, I find it hard to go out and shop.
So I always resort to shopping ONLINE.

So the winner will be based on total numbers of shopping links recommended.
Also another winner will be chosen at RANDOM.
Also the MOST INTERESTING link as well :)
So that's a minimum of 3 winners.
More winners will be chosen depending on the response.
I can always choose more. So make me happy and I'll give out more prizes !!! Hahaha.

That's it.
No need to be my follower.
No need to add me to your bloglist.
Basically, I want SHOPING LINKS !!!
Preferably in Malaysia.
If you have any overseas links, sure as long as they accept Paypal and post to Msia :)

Just leave your comment here with your blog entry link ok :)

So hurry !!
Will load the prizes to be won here.
Trust me, the prizes will be something really nice :)

HINT : Prizes will be from Victoria's Secret and maybe GUESS.
Who knows????

Deadline will be 7th Nov 2009!!

Sha-sha akan berpindah ke rumah baru. (Or moved oredi??)
Disebabkan Sha-sha adalah SAHM she prefer online shopping to get her home stuff. (How i wish i could be SAHM instead of working mom..! Lucky u.) So sha-sha perlukan banyak333 link untuk shopping. Smart lady i guess. Dari contest giveaway ni aku rasa sha-sha boleh dapat banyak link. Sha-sha nak online shop yang jual home stuff ok. Aku rasa sha-sha ni suka home deco. Am i rite? Banyak btol blog yang jual home deco stuff dalam bloglist sha-sha. Aku pon tumpang godek2 la. Kalau betul la sha-sha, we share the same interest. But i'm not dat creative person. Aku cuma suka tengok umah cantik. Pastu jeles apesal umah aku tak cantik camtu. Nak umah cantik camtu gak. Hahaa.. ok. out of topic.

Mula2 nak recommend jundeco sticker. Tapi tengok2 sha-sha pon da follow jundeco. Siap dah join contest lagi! So i recommend link lain la.

1st i recommend jurra's blog. Jurra ni suka menjahit. So u boleh suruh jurra jahit apa2 pon. She oso expert in quilting. So u can order custom made blanket for your lil one!!

Macam2 ada kat sini.

Lain2 website dari overseas.

Pinklovebrown ni base kat US kalau tak silap. Own by Nicole. Nice online shop. Tapi tak sure dia accept paypal ke tak. I love to share this web with u because i love to cuci mata here. Nicole blog oso nice. It's really inspire me on home deco. Don forget to hit the 'transforming the so-so' at the sidebar when u visit her blog. Worth it!


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