How To Satisfy Your Fussy Eater

on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As your child develops, he tends to get more choosy and picky about his food. Your little one may eagerly enjoy carrots one day and then reject them the next. Good news is this is a very normal behaviour and there are things you can do to manage this.

Set the environment
Sometimes, it’s not the food but the setting that makes a child unsettled and therefore fussy. Try to sit and eat together as a family (even though you may have to eat before or after you have fed your little one). This helps to create an environment of family togetherness.

Set the table with everything before you start your meal so you don’t have to keep leaving the table for things

Switch off all distractions that are nearby that might make your child want to come down from the high chair

Create an environment where the family eats together and share special moments

Lay out special fun cutlery and child proof bowls and plates that will make your child feel special about mealtime. Do not give your child too many utensils in case it becomes a distraction

Try to include your child in the conversations so that he is encouraged to eat well

Remember to be a good example for your child and stay at the table throughout!

Creative feeding
Sometimes, the food itself makes your child fussy. Here are other ways that might help your child to eat his meal and vegetables.

Cut them into smaller sizes. Don’t scare your child with big portions. Prepare them a different way

Variety! Mince the vegetable with chicken and make a chicken-ball

Don’t hurry him, especially with new food. Children play with their food because they are children and they are discovering! Don’t make it a bad experience to be at the dinner table

Let your child get messy. It’s more fun. Perhaps for your sanity, place newspapers on the floor surrounding the meal table and give your child his or her own plate, bowl and spoon

Eat what you are feeding your child as an example to them

Again, try not to force your child. While you determine what and when to feed your child, let him or her decide if your little one wants to and how much to eat

Be practical. If parents through the ages have all been having this challenge, it would be very highly unlikely that you will be the first in history to have the perfect eater.

“Taugeh” may not be your child’s favourite, but you can make it exciting to discover new foods while sharing
mealtimes together.

Be patient. It may take up to 10 to 15 tries and experimentation for your child to accept new foods or preparations.

Remember, you were once a child and hated your vegetables too!

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