Aku gali lagi.. Dan akhirnya ini yang aku jumpa..

on Friday, July 23, 2010
hey ..........,
1st & foremost, to be honest, i never like writing cards so ur definitely priviledge. 2ndly, i looked through my cupboard for a birthday card but i couldn't find any & this is the closest i could get. it may sound a bit mushy so ignore it if you must. 3rdly, happy 25th birthday. may God bless you with abundance in your life & may you have a great day. i find you different from a lot of people & that is the quality i appreciate most about you. you can be really quiet & cool about things but deep inside, you're a gem. others don't see it, but i do. thank you for all the little, little things you have done for me. sometimes, or most of the time, it's the little, little actions that touch people's lives most, & you have just done that. it's only a short one year of knowing you. i wish it was longer. nevetheless, i just wanna wish you all the best in you future undertakings. i believe great things lie ahead of you. finally, do drop by for a visit at XXX eventhough it sucks big time. haha.. and, this bookmark is for you. may you continue to believe in your dreams & always remember to dream big!

Sometimes kita sangat perlukan sesuatu untuk.....(tengah fikir the best word nih) HIDUP!
Aku perlukan dahan untuk bergantung.. (macam monyet plak)
Aku perlukan tongkat untuk berdiri.. (dah tua ker ko??)
Aku perlukan pelampung supaya tak lemas.. (yerr..aku tak pandai berenang!!)

Ooowhhh..come on sue! BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!! DREAM BIG!!!


Nia said...

eh, siapa yg bagi ni Sue?

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