Kisah yang sempurna...

on Friday, July 23, 2010

Sometimes in life, we just shudder at the thought of being emotional. the honest truth is, i was at the threshold of being emo today. holding back your real feelings can be rather difficult especially when it involves people you care about. nevertheless, i pulled through with a smile on my face.

this is a strange world. i do wonder a lot about the cycle of life especially when pertaining to the people in your life. God brings people and God removes them in a very special way. Many a times, it is when we begin to feel comfortable that situations start to change again. Trying to adapt to changes and new things in life is indeed one of the hardest.

few people have touched my life but those who did went on to be my closest fren. Most of them, were even closer than my own family members. without frens, life can be exceedingly lonely. I thank God for bringing so many beloveds into my life, who shares my joy and my pain.

dear fren, u know who u are. 2nd of the 2nd time I shed a tear within my heart for a fren in a short span of one month. I had to say goodbye to these precious people who has touched my heart in the most subtle ways. God really knows how to make fun of me. i hate to be vulnerable with my feelings and emotions but yet it happens. Fren, u'll always be remembered and missed...the times of laughter, the times of stress, the times of complains and murmurings, the times of teasing and the times of just no words spoken. all in all, it is the times we shared together as frens. Short and sweet it will always be remembered.

"This is the day where my fren has gone away,

To a place where she'll be there to stay,

Looking back at the good old times yesterday,

All i can say is, it brings smile to me everyday."


Hurmm...aku pernah mention ke blog ni bukan lah 1st blog aku. Blog yang telah menjadi sejarah itu telah aku private kan. Hahahaa..terlalu banyak kekecewaan, marah dan segala emosi yang kurang positif di situ. Jadi mematikan blog itu adalah yang terbaik. Dan hari ni angin apa tah bertiup ke kuala ni. Aku gali balik sejarah itu.
2 Oktober 2007... Seorang teman baik menulis sesuatu untuk aku. Sesuatu yang aku tidak pernah jangka kehadiran aku di situ selama setahun memberi kesan untuk dia. Tak sangka dah 3 tahun kitorang tak jumpa.

Aku nak cari Freeda Thean. Sesaper kenal???


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